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(1) Why a Living Trust?
Living Trusts vs. Probate (Wills) |
Living Trusts vs. Joint Tenancy & Other Methods|
Why Joint Tenancy Is Usually a Bad Idea | Don't confuse probate with taxes | More...

(2) Completing a Living Trust & Pricing
Pricing | Overview of the Process | What's Needed | Appointment Forms & Packages | Making an Appointment | Trust by Mail Option | More...

Warning: Beware of Trust Scams

(3) Issues For Married Couples
Choice of Trust Types: Disclaimer, AB or ABC |
Potential Conflicts | Community Property Tax Benefit | Community vs. Separate Property| | Joint Trusts vs One-Spouse Trusts | Changes In Marital Status| | More...

(4) Titling Assets In Your Trust
The Vital Importance of Titling & Maintaining Assets In the Name of Your Trust | Funding Your Trust | Filling Out Certification Forms | More...

(5) Changes In Marital Status
Critically Important Steps That Must Be Taken If You Have Married or Remarried Since Completing Your Trust Or Have Filed For or Have Become Divorced Since Completing Your Trust

(6) Asset Protection, Nursing Home & MediCal Planning
Elder Law Issues | Long Term Care | Qualifying For State Aid | How Bad Advice & Wrong Moves Can Disqualify You | The Vital Importance of Qualified Legal Advice

(7) Advanced Estate Planning & Gifting
What You Should Know Before Gifting or Advanced Planning | Why It Is Usually Only For Larger Estates | How Much You Can Give | Revocable vs. Irrevocable | more

(8) Don't Confuse Probate With Taxes
Estate Tax Exemptions Are Separate From Probate | Real Estate Property Automatically Triggers Probate | More...

(9) Estate, Gift, & Income Tax Issues
Estate & Gift Tax Exemptions & Rates | The Enormous Tax Benefit of Stepped-Up Income Tax Basis & How So Many Inadvertently Forfeit It

(10) Helpful Hints to Trusts & Estate Planning
Safe-keeping Your Trust| Filling Out Bank & Brokerage Forms | Should You Give Out Copies | Guarding Your Privacy | The Problem With Specific Gifts | Beneficiary Designations | Be Careful Who You Listen To | The Complications of Excluding or Favoring Certain Children | Trusts Within Trusts | More

(11) Miscellaneous Issues
Do you have or need a Will If You Have A Trust | Guardianships | Understanding A Life Estate | AB & Sub trust Allocation | Trusts Completed Elsewhere | More…


(12) Amendments, Reviews, & Changes
Amendment Policy | Pricing, Procedure & Requirements | What Necessitates An Amendment & What Doesn’t | Full Review vs. An Amendment | More...

(13) Why & When To Review & Update A Trust
Uncover Costly Oversights & Outdated Bequests | Changing tax laws & legal language | A More Simplified Approach For The Surviving Spouse | New Medical Directive Laws & Forms | More

(14) Why You May No Longer Need or Want An AB or ABC Trust
The Disclaimer Approach – A More Flexible & Simplified Alternative to the AB Trust? | An AB Trust Complicates & Burdens The Surviving Spouse | An AB Trust Has Income Tax Disadvantages | More..

(15) Important Issues When Someone Dies or is Dying
What Needs to Be Done | Time Deadlines | The Need for Legal & Accounting Advice | Be Careful Who You Listen To | If you are the successor trustee | If you are a Beneficiary or interested party | More...

(16) Real Estate Issues
Purchasing or Adding New Property To Your Trust | Refinancing -- Procedures, Dangers, & Cautions | Selling Property | Gifting Real Estate | Adding Others To Title As Joint Tenants | Hazards of Co-Ownership | More...

(17) Medical Directives
Advanced Health Care Directive | Power of Attorney For Health Care | Living Will | More...

(18) Granting / Obtaining Signature Power
Financial Durable Power of Attorney | Appointment of Co-Trustee | Incapacity | More...

(19) Trust Copies & Originals
Tips For Locating Trust Documents | Lost or Missing Trusts | Obtaining a Copy – Procedures, Policies, & Requirements

(20) Incapacity Issues
Managing Assets On Someone’s Behalf | Legal Incapacity vs. Diminished Abilities | Establishing Legal Incapacity | More..

(21) Confidentiality Issues & Policies
Understanding The Legal Requirements & Duty Of Confidentiality We Must Strictly Adhere To As A Law Office

(22) Beneficiaries, Relatives, Representatives & Other Interested Parties
Procedures & Rules That Beneficiaries, Relatives & Other Parties Must Follow In All Matters For Information, or Documents | How To Obtain Copies of Documents

(23) Explanations & Instructions
Understanding the documents | Instructions for signing & notarizing documents & amendments | revoking a trust | reasonable compensation of trustee | documents | bla

(24) Index of Topics & Forms
Glossary of Terms

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